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    Ich hab mit ein paar Kollegen ein DayZ Server gebastelt.

    Der Server ist First Person Only und ist generell HC angelehnt.

    Falls ihr Lust habt könnt ihr den Server gerne unter folgender IP besuchen. The Origins

    Virolahti - Valtatie 7


    Size: 18km x 18km

    Settlements: 43 villages/towns

    Objects: 2.15 million

    This is a fictionalized version of the municipality of Virolahti; which is the southeastern-most municipality of Finland and thus right on the border with Russia. This project was started by Tonto and I to make a larger Valtatie 5, a 'spiritual successor' of sorts, for Tonto's VT5. You will find lots of forests, farmlands as well as plenty of villages dotting the terrain. At the moment there is not as much micro-terrain as in VT5, but I might improve upon this in future updates.

    Aiming Deadzone Fix

    This small script mod ties the player's horizontal rotation to their mouse again while using the game's Aiming Deadzone feature. The exact behavior can be customized in a CBA Settings menu (Addon Options on the pause screen).

    When your weapon reaches the edge of the deadzone, you will turn at full speed - just like normal. Additionally, the system is disabled when you aim - allowing precise mouse movement when you are trying to track a target.

    PVS-27 Interact

    This mod allows you to attach and detach the RHSUSAF PVS-27 using the ACE3 self-interact menu while using the RHSUSAF M8541A optic or the TA31RCO (Desert).

    Please note that this only works with the desert colored RCO (ACOG) because there's only currently a model of the Tan ACOG with the PVS-27 in RHSUSAF.


    SDAR 7.62 Overhaul       

    Adds the SDAR 7.62 with overhauled stats to be not awful. The standard SDAR is unaffected.Added Items *SDAR 7.62 (4 Colors)*SDAR Flash SuppressorWeapon Statistics Rate of Fire: 500RPM(Full Auto) 1200RPM(2-Round Burst)Accuracy: Decreased dispersionRange: 1600 Meters (Max Zero)Muzzle Velocity: 880 M/S (Vanilla 7.62) Recoil: More Predictable


    Med+ ACE Burns

    What this does:

    The mod is focused on adding burn wounds to the game. Burn wounds will now show up on players and NPCs if advanced ACE medical has been enabled. The burn wounds in the mod come in three different sizes: small/minor, medium and large.

    Burn wounds will occur from:

    - Explosions

    - Rope burns

    - Back blast

    - Shells

    How to treat:

    When using our mod, you will notice that we have added a new bandage, the sterile gauze bandage. This bandage is the only bandage that is able to treat burn wounds. For small and medium burn wounds, it will only require one bandage. For large burns, it will take two. When a player or an NPC gets a burn wound, it will show up as it is bleeding in the medical menu but we set the bleed rate very low so it would take hours for someone to bleed out from the wound(s). After the burn wound has been bandaged, it can then be stitched close with the surgical kit.

    KAT - Advanced Medical



    - Airway

    Airwaymanagement for unconscious patients

    Head overstretching



    - Breathing

    Different death timer if you want

    Oxygen saturation

    Pulseoximeter for monitoring heart rate and oxygen

    - Circulation

    Blood Groups


    Bigger AED with monitoring

    - Misc

    Workable IV stand

    Useful stretcher

    ADE - Advanced Diving Environment (WIP)

    About ADE

    This mod enhances diving in Arma 3 by simulating open circuit diving. Building on the script from "trini scourge", it brings new functions and equipment to the game. ADE activates only when the player is wearing the mod rebreather, thus making it possible to use both systems in a multiplayer group simultaneously. It is clientside and works on players only.


    • Dual use of vanilla and ADE
    • Diving calculations, decompression and effects
    • 6l single and double cylinders
    • Breathing dependent on diving speed
    • 13 different breathing gases (Air, EAN, Heliox, Trimix)
    • Dive computer with integrated GPS (goes in GPS slot)
    • ADE rebreather and goggles worn on land
    • Diver backpack with lots of space for additional equipment




    This mod balances out the damage detection for units and players. That means no more killing guys by shooting thier feet or elbows.


    + Balanced Damage Model.

    + Can fall over when shot in the legs or feet.

    + Can drop current weapon if shot in the hands.

    + Shots to the chest will often bring the AI to thier knees.

    + Close explosions can also make units drop thier weapon.

    + Enemies have a chance of surrendering if they have no weapon after dropping thier primary weapon.

    NOTE : When the player drops a weapon you can pick it back up again off the ground. The AI will naturally pull out thier sidearm.

    This works fine with ace and other mods.

    USAF MOD Utility pack 494.264 MB


    Welcome everyone to the New and Improved USAF MOD (2019). This pack contains the Utility planes and drones of the United States Air Force. Expand your mission capabilities by utilitizing air to air refueling, cargo drops, recon and A2G assets via drones. Currently this pack contians the C-17 Globemaster III, KC-135 Stratotanker, C130J Super Hercules, MQ-9 Reaper and RQ-4A Global Hawk

    USAF MOD Fighters Pack 563.712 MB


    Welcome everyone to the New and Improved USAF MOD (2019). This pack contains the fighter jets of the United States Air Force. Each fighter comes with their own leathality, special characteristics and weapons. Currently the pack contains the A-10C Thunderbolt II, the F35A Lightining 2 and the F-22A Raptor.

    USAF MOD Main Pack 356.505 MB


    Welcome everyone to the New and Improved USAF MOD (2019). This pack contains the Core functions of the United States Air Force mod. This pack is mandatory for the entire USAF mod to work. It also contains the missilebox for the fighters.

    Aktuell noch
    Buggy aber könnte Interessant werden!


    Black Hornet PRS

    Summary of the information from FLIR:

    The Black Hornet PRS gives the dismounted soldier an ability to have immediate covert situational awareness (SA) of their surrounding area and the target they are moving towards.